More Projects

A list of projects I did/contributed in, but might not have blogged about them.

3T – A text based version of Tic Tac Toe

Screenshot of text based tic tac toe 3T

3T is a remake of the famous game Tic Tac Toe in a text based version, written in C++. Since version 1.0 a computer opponent is avaiable, so that you don’t need two players anympore. Since version 1.1 it’s possible to play over network. For now only via peer to peer, but maybe I’ll add some dedicated server code later.

Google Code project page:


The smtpMail library is a simple “class-like” structure for programs written in C or C++, in order to send e-mails over a SMTP server to one or more addresses. I can be included in the source code directly or just dynamically linked as a DLL or .so file.
A common use would be in mailing software (e.g. Newsletter programs or E-mail clients).

Google Code project page:


A simple base64 implementation in C, based on the openSSL library. I found the base of the code on and modified it a bit with some Linux compatibility and a decoding function.
This library is also part of the smtpMail project.

Google Code project page:

YAPW – Yet another python webserver

YAPW is a small and simple webserver written in Python programming language. Because of its simplicity and early stage of development, it’s not recommended to use this server on productive systems. YAPW is available for all platforms that support python.

Google Code project page:

6502 (NES) emulator

Rasco and me created some tiny 6502 emulator in C. The 6502 was the CPU of the Nintendo NES, so basically this is a NES emulator.

Github project page: