Chat Server in C – Windows port

It’s only a few days ago, that Rasco published his Chat server in C. With the first view to the code I noticed that it’s a unix only code, but it does not has to be and so I decided to port the program to the Windows platform.

It was only a change of a few lines. I had to put unix headers in a #ifndef _W32 block and add the WSAStartup() function.
I made the port with Dev-C++ 5, but it should be not to difficult to compile it with MinGW or cygwin.

To compile it in Dev-C++ 5 notice the following:

You need to edit the Parameters in the Project options and click on Add Library or Object to add the winsock32.a from your Dev-C++ folder. If you installed Dev-C++ under C:\Dev-Cpp (the default folder) you can just start compiling the code.


Author: 0xC0FF33

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