E.A.T. – HTML5 arcade game first release

Now, that I found some free minutes to work on private code I finished an alpha version of E.A.T., so that all of you now can play it. I tried to balance the game more, added a new soundtrack and new graphics before releasing it. The graphics are still crappy and if you can do it better please feel free to send me your creations!

I also created a Google Code project page with the source code to download, if you want to develop on the code on your own or view it, but if you just wanna play the game click the button below…

Basics / How to play:

You are the green circle in the game screen. Your goal is to eat as much food as you can. Food is symbolized by the yellow objects fallingdown the screen. Red food or the fishes are to avoid as they will get you killed. Also, if the food reaches the bottom of the screen, you’ll lose one live! When you reached a score of 20, you made the first stage. From there on every twenty points will get you to the next stageand the higher you get, the more food and enemies will appear.


> Play E.A.T. <


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