New year, new game: Escape

Although I started coding this game in 2011, I’ll make it the first project 2012 for me. 😉 But what exactly is this “Escape” game? Well, escape is a simple dungeon game where the goal is to find the key and exit of each level as fast as you can. The faster you are, the more score you get. Unfortunately your lamp runs out of oil, so your field of view gets smaller and smaller and mean enemies try to stop your way, so you have to escape them and the dungeon itself.

For now a raw version with two levels and enemies is runnable, but without any sort of an AI. This is my next step, but this week work is very occupying, so that this kind of task has to wait until next week.

For the ones interested, here is a first screenshot of the actual version:

First screenshot

First screenshot


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