Benny the game (more or less) alive again!

Screenshot of Benny the gameMaybe it’s the worst code I have ever written, but it was also my very first project in C++ and lost for years, because of my stupidity. Now, about four years later, rasco found an old copy of the source on some backup DVD and made the code and game alive again…

But first a bit about the history of Benny: After doing some C programming and for getting into C++, I decided to write a game. It was the remake of a game I wrote several years ago in basic: Benny the game. In Benny the player controls a fly called Benny, that had to escape a bad smiley and catch apples to reach the next level. The first version in Basic already included five levels with different difficulties and some kind of story.

The C++ version was never finished and included only one level, but some extras the first version never had, like health packages and multiple enemies. As I mentioned before, the code was really ugly and after doing some long break, I realized that this piece of shit is not maintainable or expandable and so I stopped the development and deleted the code.

I still regret that decision, but fortunately rasco was part of the development and found some old code. It was a strange, but happy feeling to see that code again after such a long time and the believe, that it’s lost forever, but it was also horrible, too. I remembered how ugly and hard to maintain it was, but after trying to compile it on windows, I also remembered how hard it was to make it run. I only made it run on a linux machine with some editing of the code and makefile.

Here’s some footage I made:

If you want to build Benny on your own, have a look at the Google Code project page I made. On a linux machine it’s possible, but a pain in the ass and on Windows: good luck!

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