YAPW (Yet another python webserver), version 0.0.1a realease!

YAPW is a very simple and tiny webserver written in Python programming language. I have written this for educational uses and to learn how to make your own webserver.

It’s in a very early development state and has not many features for now.

Features for version 0.0.1a:

  • Hosting plain HTML files
  • Error page load, when requested page cannot be found

It is not possible to host PHP, ASP(.NET) or Python files. Also Javascript is not working, yet. Plain HTML is the only supported format, but I hope to include more features soon.


  • Computer with at least 233 MHz and 64 MB RAM is recommended
  • 10 MB of hard disk space
  • Installation of Python on your system. You can download python here

Download (Windows): setup-0.0.1a.exe
Download (Linux): yapw-0.0.1a.zip

See the README file for further information!

Important Note:

YAPW is for educational use only!
Do not use YAPW on a productive system!

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