First steps into Drupal: iTweet Twitter Module

For my new job I had to get into Drupal, it’s structure, features, so maybe there could be more Drupal stuff here, in the future…

For my first approach I created some tiny drupal twitter module that displays the timeline in a block element, called iTweet. You can choose whether to show the timeline of a specific user or (if none is given) to show the public timeline.

The module is nothing special and lacks of some features like caching. You should not implement the module into sites with heavy traffic, because every time the site is being loaded, the timeline will be fetched and twitter has a limit for request per hour of 150. This module is more useful as a tutorial for writing your own modules or a starting point for them. Because the database is not touched by the module, it’s perfect for developing.

Because I found it such a pain in the ass to upload a module to the official Drupal project page and there are already good and maybe better working twitter modules already, I decided to provide the module myself. You find the download links below…

Screenshot of iTweet module:

iTweet Screenshot

iTweet Screenshot

Download Link:

Download package for Drupal core 6.x: iTweet_1.0.tar.gz

See the README.txt in the package for more information and have fun with the module!

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