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jQuery performance: Avoid the each() method

jQuery performance is a huge an well discussed topic on the web with many opinions and arguments and this post is absolutely not about criticizing this fantastic library that helps us web developers every day, but showing that it also has some downsides and potential bottlenecks you should know about. One thing would be: When […]

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Code Snippet: Keep Alive check for servers

When you want to test out if your webserver configuration currently is supporting Keep-Alive requests and how it’s responding them, there are several ways. You could use Firebug, Chrome Developer Tools or you could use benchmarking tools like “ab” (ApacheBench) and so on. For me “ab” was always a good choice, but I seem to […]

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“404 – File not found” vs. META tag noindex

Many web pages include a site search these days, that makes it possible for users to search content exactly on the page they are and not on the whole web, but what should one do, if no results were found? Normally search engines would also index these pages, because they can’t see, that there is […]

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Code snippet: Export simplenews subscribers from drupal to CSV


Some of you may know the newsletter module simplenews for drupal. If you’ve ever tried it, I am sure you soon realized, it’s a mess. The template functionality is too complicated and poor, emails are send via cron, you have no statistics and only poor ones with other extending modules…

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Use Google Suggest as a helper for keyword research

UPDATE: This code is outdated and not working anymore. See my new article for an actual working version. Since April 2009 Google offers some nice feature in web search called Suggest, which is the  list of search queries you see,when you type in some search query into Google. I think everyone knows and uses it… […]

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Code Snippet: Redirect without editing .htaccess file

You need to do a 301 or 302 redirect, but have no access to the server configuration files or the .htaccess file? Unfortunately not all hosters allow you to edit the .htaccess file, where you could easily set a redirect via the line: Redirect /oldpage.html [R=301,L] I recently had exactly that problem, but PHP […]

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